OTCFin Introduces Updated Data Warehouse Solution

OTCFin Offers Integrated Repository for Traditional and Alternative Investments to Achieve Full Transparency

February 25, 2011
OTCFin, a provider of front and middle office financial technology solutions to investment managers, hedge funds, funds of hedge funds and institutional investors, today announced the next version of its Portfolio Analysis Tool Data Warehouse (PAT DW).
With the increased demand for transparency, use of separately managed accounts and UCITs and more complex portfolios, the lines between traditional and alternative investments are blending. PAT DW fully merges multi-asset security level data with Fund of Hedge Fund-specific data to allow clients with highly diversified holdings to collect and centralize their various data into one place. It processes and stores multi-faceted data such as transactions and positions, reference and hedge fund liquidity terms, risk and performance analytics and compliance rules across broad asset classes including derivatives, structured securities/credit, private equity, real estate, hedge fund and fund of hedge funds. The robust data cycle also integrates seamlessly with third-party vendors for best of breed data and analytics.
“Consistent, reliable, and vetted data are paramount to the successful implementation of any investment system -accounting, portfolio management, transaction, risk and performance systems,” states Joseph Ohayon, Director at OTCFin. “Having all the data at hand and available to multiple user groups allows for effective and actionable decision-making with full look-through and roll-up capability.”