Data Connectors

OTCFin connects with a wide range of data providers

OTCFin Data Connectivity

We are experts in integrating financial data.  Below are examples of parties we have built data connectivity to:

  • Administrators – Citco, GlobeOp, Northern Trust, HedgeServ, CACEIS, JPMorgan
  • Benchmarks – JPMorgan, Citi, Merrill
  • Market Data Providers – Bloomberg, Reuters
  • Internal/Custom Feeds

OTCFin also integrates third-party pricing modules and/or clients’ proprietary in-house modules:

  • Pricing Models – The Yield Book, JPM BondStudio, Barclays POINT, Sungard Monis, FinCAD, OTCFin or Client Pricing libraries
  • Market Risk – Barra, Murex, The Yield Book, Barclays POINT TE Models
  • Performance Attribution Engines – The Yield Book, Barclays POINT
  • Credit Risk – KMV, Curves Engines and/or Credit Risk Internal Models

Product Features

  • Data Connectors created and managed easily– new data connectivity can be added quickly and modifications can be made via configuration changes
  • Web User Interface provided for data workflow and exception management
  • User-friendly data visualisation
  • Flexible and controlled distribution
  • Transformations based on batch or real-time triggers