Data Warehouse

OTCFin Data Warehouse features a state of the art data model to centralize enterprise-wide data needed for risk, performance and regulatory reporting

What is OTCFin Data Warehouse?

The OTCFin Data Warehouse will serve as a single, central repository for a company’s firmwide investment holdings, including positions  and transactions, reference risk, performance, regulatory and compliance data.  Having all the necessary data in one place improves the company’s ability to have easy access to their risk and exposure data.  Furthermore, it means that all end-users, whether from risk, portfolio management or operations departments, will be able to  view the same data at any given time.


Our data  model has been battle-tested and enriched over the passage of time to support the heteregoneous data categories across a wide spectrum of  asset classes from simple fixed income and equity to complex, derivatives structured  products and alternatives.
Database coverage

Product Features

  • Scalable and capable of handling high volumes
  • Real time data handling
  • Countless analytics functions: skewness, correlation, curve builder
  • Integration from different data sources: third party vendors, benchmarks
  • Historical warehouse
  • Dynamic storage that acts as a central data repository for all data sources of your company
  • Centralizes positions for Order and Trading Systems.
  • Tracked and recorded changes.  Our data warehouse supports your audit and compliance requirements
  • Entity Oriented – All data elements relating to the same business object are grouped and linked together
  • Data validation and security checks


  • Integrated – The data warehouse can capture data from operational systems and ensure it is consistent and meets established quality criteria
  • Entity Oriented – All data elements relating to the same business object are grouped and linked together
  • Time Intelligence – All changes to the data are tracked and recorded so that reports can be produced showing changes over time
  • Persistent Vault – Data is never over-written or deleted – once committed, the data is static, read-only and retained for future reporting

Value Added

  • Centralizes positions for Order and Trading Systems
  • Improves compliance across asset classes and products
  • Shows transparent and accurate data
  • Allows Performance and Attribution data to be shared across the firm
  • Stores Risk Data in a single repository for comprehensive firmwide risk, exposure and performance reporting
  • Supports asset management, fund of funds and alternative investments data needs
  • Aggregates positions to reconcile futures contracts
  • Automates position data collection for Client Reporting and RFP responses