Risk and portfolio insights through comprehensive, customizable Dashboards and reports

Product Features

OTCFin works hand in hand with each client to tailor and customize the content and format of the reports.  Typical reports used by  our clients:

  • Reports showing position details and securities reference data
  • Exposure Breakdowns by Asset Class, Ratings, Sector, Region, Market Cap, Issuer, etc.
  • Market scenarious and stress-testing
  • Derivatives overlay, portfolio rebalancing, and hedging
  • Asset/Liability risk analysis
  • FoHF liquidity reporting
  • Compliance and Limits (KPI) monitors
  • Regulatory reporting Solvency II

Reports can be viewed via  OTCFin’s Reporting Portal, or delivered in various formats (.pdf, Excel, Word, .csv). The calculated data may also be delivered as raw data sets for clients to load into their own reporting infrastructure.

OTCFin also offers PATOne GUI for more interactive Slice-and-Dice and What-If analyses.