Integration Services

OTCFin integrates heterogeneous information from a wide range of data providers

What is OTCFin Integration Services?

Data and information providers in financial markets are heterogeneous and incomplete, which means that compilation of data from numerous sources is a challenging task which companies often cannot avoid.  With OTCFin’s broad experience in financial data integration, clients can get benefit from speedy time to market on their data needs.

Integrating different data sources

We are experts in integrating financial data.  Below are examples of parties we have built data connectivity to:

  • Administrators – Citco, GlobeOp, Northern Trust, HedgeServ, CACEIS, JPMorgan
  • Benchmarks – JPMorgan, Citi, Merrill
  • Market Data Providers – Bloomberg, Reuters
  • Internal/Custom Feeds

OTCFin also integrates third-party pricing modules and/or clients’ proprietary in-house modules:

  • Pricing Models – The Yield Book, JPM BondStudio, Barclays POINT, Sungard Monis, FinCAD, OTCFin or Client Pricing libraries
  • Market Risk – Barra, Murex, The Yield Book, Barclays POINT TE Models
  • Performance Attribution Engines – The Yield Book, Barclays POINT
  • Credit Risk – KMV, Curves Engines and/or Credit Risk Internal Models

Product Features

  • Data Connectors created and managed easily– new data connectivity can be added quickly and modifications can be made via configuration changes
  • Web User Interface provided for data workflow and exception management
  • User-friendly data visualisation
  • Flexible and controlled distribution
  • Transformations based on batch or real-time triggers