Asset Management

OTCFin’s comprehensive platform helps buy-side Asset Managers to consolidate and manage their data efficiently and flexibly, thus increasing productivity and competitiveness

How OTCFin can help your organization:

Traditional and alternative asset managers alike typically try to find oppurtunities and attractive risk-adjusted returns by  analyzing a vast amount of information from multiple sources. Having access to current and historical imvestment information, including performance, exposure and risk metrics, at your  fingertips is crucial.

Role:         Challenge:         How OTCFin can help you:
Portfolio Manager
  • Quick access to updated data sources
  • Time to focus on product development
  • Analyze large volume of data
  • Rapid implementation of changes
  • Value complex instruments
  • User-friendly, single-screen access to multiple data sources
  • Access to sophisticated valuation models best of breed approach
  • Quick customizations without requiring code modifications
  • User-friendly platform

Chief Operating Officer
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Accelerate time to market
  • General view of data
  • Resource allocation
  • Data integration from multiple sources
  • Flexible views of consolidated data
  • Flexible management of data sources, data hierarchy and data validation rules
  • Modular and scalable architecture
Chief Technology Officer
  • Manage large volume of data
  • Consistent and reliable data
  • Integrated solution
  • Support custom analytics and views


  • Robust infrastructure for data storage
  • Rapid time- to-market for adding new data sources and handling new asset classes
  • Data validation: data quality, consistency and completeness check
  • Flexible framework enables easy customization
Head of Risk, Compliance,
Investor Relations
  • Integration of risk, compliance and audit processes
  • Support for flexible and multiple reporting services
  • Insight into portfolio and security information
  • Data integration from multiple sources
  • Consolidated, flexible, fully integrated, interactive reports
  • Customized reports
  • Market data regulatory reporting
Product Features
  • Modular solution– you can select  specific areas of  concern to  be tackled
  • Reliable and robust platform- you will no longer need to worry  about data  concerns, you can focus on managing  and innovation
  • Easy access to consolidated information from multiple data sources
  • Manage large amounts of data from multiple silos and across a wide spectrum  of asset classes
  • In-depth data cleansing and validation
  • Best of Breed analytics using internal libraries or via integration  with industry standard pricing libraries
  • Customized reports and interactive analysis tool
  • Consolidated  and transparent data to meet investor  and regulatory reporting requirements