PRIIPS KIDS and EPT solution for our clients that includes both the PRIIPS calculations and the KID factsheets generation.


We focus on:


  1. Sourcing and monitoring all necessary fund data such as historical returns, recommended holding period and costs information, either directly from the clients, their external fund managers and/or their market data providers.
  2. Perform the SRI, performance scenario and cost calculations that support all fund categories.
  3. Produce the calculated outputs in Template format for distribution to Insurance producers.
  4. Integrate all caculations with Morningstar’s Document Production system to produce the KIDs.


OTCFin’s PRIIPS solution is already fully integrated with Morningstar’s Document Management System and our clients will be able to receive both the calculated data and/or the final factsheets for all their funds. It can be integrated in any other Document Management System if required.



PATOne® for PRIIPS Data Management and Computations




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