s the volumen and complexity of data increases with the growing regulatory requirements, many firms face the challenge of maintaining  complete, accurate, reliable, and timely data across the entire organization.


PATOne® is an Enterprise Investment Data and Risk Management platform which can help insurers and asset managers not only address the data and computing challenges to comply with the Solvency II directive, but also enables the firm to build a robust data foundation from which they can gain valuable insights and derive business competitive advantage.


Solutions for the Three Pillars of Solvency II


PATOne® collects, calculates and reports on Solvency II data via three core modules:


  1. A comprehensive Data Model to centralize assets and liabilities data.
  2. A powerful Data Management Workflow Engine with Plug and Play interfaces, Data Maintenance Tools, an enterprise-wide Data Dictionary, and Monitoring Dashboards to ensure data and analytics quality and facilitate data governance.
  3. Reporting Portal for flexible tailored reporting and interactive analysis.


In addition, the platform supports Asset Managers to provide Solvency II reporting to their Insurance clients, whether in standard format (e.g. Tripartite, QRTs), or in custom format as requested by their clients.


  • Data augmentation with reference and ratigns vendors to populate transparency fields.
  • Mapping and translation to Solvency II classifications (Credit Quality Step, CIC, Economic Zone, NACE).
  • Calculation of Exposure Values.
  • Ability to flag hedges and apply netting to account for Equity, CDS and FX hedging.

PATOne Solvency II Workflow

Addressing the data challenges is unavoidable in Solvency II implementation. Our data and risk experts will work hand in hand with you to achieve your data goals and help free up your resources so they can focus on running the business.

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