he challenge to calculate accurate risk on Private Equity is having the correct, detailed, and look through data. OTCFin’s PATOne Service provides, integrates and aggregates look through holdings information for Private Equity funds, ensuring the quality, traceability and completeness of the data.


Where detailed holdings are available, taking the time to incorporate the most detailed information enables the most flexibility in viewing different slices of data, and the most confidence in the accuracy of the calculations. This is particularly important with Private Equity funds where accurate risk can only be calculated if the detailed terms and conditions and investments have been modeled.


Let OTCFin helps you to provide accurate risk for Regulatory Reporting on Private Equity Funds


Where alternative funds may not be willing to provide full transparency to investors (although lately regulations are making this changing), they may be willing to provide transparency to third-party risk aggregators as OTCFin, using non-disclosure agreements. PATOne Service provides calculated risk exposures using the underlying holdings to the investors without revealing the underlying holdings in detail.



Following this statement, OTCFin comply with our 4F rule:

  1. Flexible: To incorporate any data source and any new investment type in the system.
  2. Fast:  To be able to incorporate new sources, investments, funds as fast as the client needs.
  3. Faithful: Sensitive data should be treated carefully and with a strong relationship with the client.
  4. Familiar: Not only be familiar but an expert on the field is a must; knowing the challenges of the business, regulations  and also technology make OTCFin the perfect partner.