ATOne Real Estate Engine is a set of tools to support the Buy/Sell decision making and control the value of our investments, determining the property fund’s financial performance (rate of returns, cash flow, exit value, etc.).


Typically, in an investment decision, the investor will make an initial analysis of a property, focusing on the cash flows and rents of the current state. But, as any other traditional investment, historical returns do not guarantee future ones.  So, how the investor can have a better view of the future risk of the property?


Future Cashflow simulation analysis will allow the manager to get a sense of the sensitivity of the portfolio to different risks.  PATOne RE  Engine, allows to create combined scenarios of multiple factors:



In Rent scenario, we observe the impact of a variations in the rents paid for one multiple tenants. User can select a tenant and then a building, and set a new rent amount for the building for any of the periods.


In Sell scenario, we observe which is the effect of changes is in sell date and/or sell value in the different accounts.


In CAPEX scenario, we observe the effect of changes in CAPEX expenses. User should introduce a percentage that will be applied as an extra increment on the scheduled CAPEX expenses.

Interest Rate:

In this scenario, we observe the effect of an extra interest rate. User should introduce an extra spread that will be applied to the current interest rate we are paying in each period and if it wants to apply the distribution policy.

Loan to value:

Here we can calculate the Loan-to-Value ratio. This percentage represents a ratio between liabilities and long-term assets in Balance sheet for each date.